My work as a practitioner has developed after many years of working with several different modalities of healing. As a Shamanic Practitioner in both Mayan and Celtic, I have developed my own style and relationship to the earth, elements, plants and animals, crystals and oils as well as with my spirit helpers.  I have dedicated my life to serving something greater than myself to effectuate healing.

     I bring together tools to intuitively listen to the body and gently correct bio-energetic imbalances and blockages on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.  These corrections enable the body to strengthen and regulate  internal organs, the nervous and immune systems. This along with my spiritual guidance has realized effective healing on several levels with my clients. 


  • Medical Qigong Practitioner
  • Master in Cellular Release 
  • Master Usui, Mayan & Karuna Reiki
  • Chin Qi (emotional release)
  • Mayan & Celtic Shamanism
  • ​Minister

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